Japanese snowboarder Yuto Totsuka crashed hard during the gold medal run of the men's halfpipe.

On Totsuka's first jump, he came down in the wrong spot and made contact with the lip of the halfpipe. His body slammed against the edge, and he continued to fall 22 feet down into the center of the pipe. Totsuka rolled onto his back, and he received medical attention.

Totsuka was sitting up on the stretcher, and the medical staff appeared to be giving special attention to his left leg as they strapped him in.

Japan's press officer told reporters that Totsuka has "no big injury." However, he does have pain in his hip, and he was taken to the hospital, according to 11Alive news partner USA Today.

Totsuka, 16, was the youngest of the 12 competing for the gold medal.

Shaun White won the gold medal with a score of 97.75.