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Strange but true: Oilers GM arrested at wedding reception

Ladd Herzeg reportedly pushes an elderly man and then slugs the brother of the bride in the mouth because the wedding band was playing past the team's curfew.

The most famous Moon in Houston sports? Warren Moon. Hall of Fame quarterback.

The most infamous one?

Well, it all starts on September 19, 1987. The night before the Oilers game in Buffalo.

Sharing the team’s hotel? A wedding reception.

There’s music, dancing and one angry man: Ladd Herzeg, the Oilers’ general manager.

“This guy was known for doing some outlandish things,” said KHOU’s Matt Musil.

Herzeg’s furious because the band is supposedly playing past the team’s 11 p.m. curfew.

He twice complains to hotel management, but the wedding party tells the band to play on.

What happens next is one of the Oiler's most embarrassing moments in the team's history.

Herzeg goes to confront the band leader.

Witnesses claim Herzeg pushes an elderly man and then slugs the brother of the bride in the mouth.

“I couldn’t believe it was the general manager of the Houston Oilers,” says the bride. “He came in and mooned the reception twice (after complaining about loud music from the band.)”

Yes, mooned everyone. Herzeg, barefoot and wearing gray sweats, is arrested and charged with assault.

John Lopez, now of SportsRadio 610, was in Buffalo covering the game for a San Antonio newspaper.

“He was already drunk. I'm presuming. But gets drunk and moons the entire wedding party. I think from the stairs Summit, a little hazy on exactly from where the moon landing came. But he did moon the entire wedding party.”

Herzeg later claims he never mooned anyone. Denies being drunk, too. And it was a slap, not a punch.

Somehow, Herzeg manages to keep his job, the assault charge is dropped and the newlyweds live happily ever after  -- with some money from the Oilers.

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