Every year, you hear stories about NFL teams asking completely ridiculous questions of prospects at the combine. Sometimes, they're funny. Sometimes, they're weird. Sometimes, they step over the line. Famously, former Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant was asked by then-Dolphins personnel man Jeff Ireland if his mother was a prostitute, for example. 

It appears that we may have another entry into the inappropriate pile. University of Texas cornerback Kris Boyd was asked the standard question about the weirdest question he's been asked by a team during the combine, and he stated that one team asked him if he has both of his testicles. 

The number of testicles a player has almost surely cannot affect his play on the field. (Former Major League Baseball player John Kruk famously played the final two seasons of his career with one testicle after overcoming testicular cancer, for example. Lance Armstrong also went through the better portion of his cycling career with one testicle.) If there was a legitimate purpose for this type of questioning, it would presumably be covered in the medical portion of the combine.  

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