HOUSTON – J.J. Watt does it again. He came through for a fan and a charity in a big way.

It all started with an autograph – a fake one.

Twitter user Shane Albright posted a photo of an autographed football at a charity auction. There are a couple different signatures on there, but Shane focused on Watt’s writing "one time for @jjwatt."

The ball was one of two donated to raise money for Heroes 4 Children, a charity that helps families of kids battling cancer.

Great cause, but it you take a little closer look at the name on it, the signature says J.J. watts – with an “s.”

Now, for comparison, “James” posted a photo of what he says is a real J.J. Watt autograph.

Within about five minutes of Shane's post, Watt retweeted it writing, "Man, whoever faked my signature on that ball didn't even know how to spell my name!"

Then he asked Shane to direct message him, so he could get a proper signed ball to auction off.

Watt added, "We can't have people doing charity like that."

The charity Heroes 4 Children responded writing that it's one of two footballs and a baseball that came from a donor.

The organization said it's beyond embarrassed and disappointed to have misrepresented the items' authenticity, but people really aren't focusing on that part of things.

Johnson Mays tweeted, "JJ - a man of integrity! When they say kids lookup to athletes, I sure hope they look up to this man."

"Nav" got a laugh about just how bad the forgery is writing, "’Watts,’ though. C'mon, now."

And it all worked out in the end when Top Golf responded saying it wasn't connected to the auction, but it'd love to have Shane and Watt come out for a "golf and greet."