HOUSTON -- J.J. Watt and his brothers want to make sure you beat the heat and stay hydrated as part of a new "PSA" series.

But it's not just J.J., T.J., a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Derek, a fullback with the Los Angeles Chargers - their dad, a former firefighter, gets in on the fun, too. Watch below.

Gatorade | Beat the Heat | Color of Hydration

Gatorade | Beat the Heat | Dress for Sweat-cess

The funny Gatorade commercials may have been as fun to make as they are to watch. Gatorade also put the outtakes on their YouTube channel:


J.J. Watt flexes to support U.S. troops

HOUSTON - Ladies, have you seen this? No. 99 is showing off his Texas-sized muscles.

And no – it’s not just a random selfie. Houston Texans star J.J. Watt posted the photo on social media for the “Flex 4 Forces” campaign to support our military.

Watt posted, “I’m not 100% sure how flexing supports the troops, but when the USO and Arnold Schwarzenegger ask, I’ll do it!”