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5 tips for throwing a great Super Bowl party

You want your friends to remember they had the best time at your Super Bowl party. Here are some tips.
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If you're throwing a Super Bowl party, you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons. Here are five suggestions to make sure your guests remember they had a great time.

Have plenty of food and space

Know ahead of time how many pizzas, burgers, chips and wings you're going to need. If it's a potluck, assign everyone something to bring. Make sure you tell your guests to bring their beverage of choice. If not, have plenty of options available for them, including non-alcoholic drinks. And double check that you have enough seating for everyone. If you run out of chairs, throw some pillows on the floor.

Have some games ready

  • Print these Super Bowl bingo cards.
  • Print this Super Bowl trivia game, updated for 2019, and see how your guests do.
  • Prop bet game: Find 10 of the most off-the-wall prop bets surrounding the game, and let your guests guess the result. Give each bet a weighted score and see who scores the highest.
  • Touchdown dance contest: If you have guests who are the life of the party, ask them to partake in a dance contest every time a touchdown is scored.
  • Rate the commercials: Print scorecards numbered one to five, and give them to your guests to hold up when a commercial is played.

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Give the football junkies their own place to watch

While Super Bowl parties are a great excuse to catch up with friends, 35 percent of people watching the Super Bowl are actually interested in the game, according to a Google survey by Offers.com. They may really want to just watch. If you have the means, set up TVs in two rooms -- one for the people who want to concentrate on the game and the other for the rest of your gang. Just make sure to use your larger TV for the game watchers.

Play some flag or touch football before the game

Invite your guests over an hour before kickoff to work up an appetite for that party food they'll regret later. You also have about 30 minutes at halftime to play a quick game.

Give the kids something to do

Your kids, or your friends' kids, probably don't have much to talk about with the grownups. Unless they are into watching the game, they could get bored. Come up with activities they will enjoy, such as a scavenger hunt.

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