Not everyone can be a baller, but some people plan to drive like one Super Bowl week.

That’s why the exotic car rental business is banking on making big money for the big game.

The folks at Auto Exotic Rental in the Galleria area say it’s been tough keeping their hot rides in stock.

Everything from Ferraris to Lamborghinis and Maseratis are renting fast.

“Because we’re privately owned, we’re more flexible,” said marketing director Toby Nguyen. “So we'll find a way to work with you so we can cater to at least meet that demand."

Most of their fleet of Escalades and other high-end SUVs have been spoken for. But for those with a need for speed Super Bowl week, there's still time.

The Aston Martin is their most popular rental. The Lamborghini Aventador is also in high demand.

Renting the Aventador normally costs $1,200 a day. But during the week of the Super Bowl, it will cost 6$6,000 a day. It’s all part of the Super Bowl mark-up.

"These cars come in and out pretty much on a daily basis,” Nguyen said. “My advice is that you don't procrastinate. Book it as soon as possible."

Auto Exotic Rental is still taking orders. To qualify, all you need is the money some car insurance.