The NFL Experience is one of the highlights of Super Bowl Week, as thousands of fans have packed the George R. Brown Convention Center to check out NFL memorabilia and get up close and personal with some of their favorite teams.

But for a group of current and former NFL players, it's an opportunity to bond with their children and learn valuable parenting lessons.

"What we’re teaching are highly choreographed experiences that dads and kids can do together all year long," said Darrin Gray, who works with All Pro Dad.

The organization was founded 18 years ago by Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy, with a focus on off-the-field family-building skills.

"We’re going to embed memories between dads and kids and give them the tips they need, so they can be the best possible father, the best possible husband, and the family man they’re designed to be," Gray said.

The event brought together about two dozen current and former players, including Rob Woods.

"Even though we’re gone (while playing football), we’re working, guess what we do care. And this is the best thing- (my son) right here he still wants to go run out and go play. That’s the best thing about it – just building a character relationship with your kids," Woods said.

Outside the clinics, the bonding time was special to many of the participants.

"Today was a great day, because what it did was it gave us an opportunity to really bond with the kids and let them understand how it’s important not just to be active, but to be in our kids’ lives,” Woods said.

This was the second year the event has been part of Super Bowl week coverage.

The NFL Experience is about more than just football, and that's especially true to a group of current and former players.