HOUSTON - The Department of Public Works has confirmed that Club Nomadic has purchased all of its required permits.

Officials say the next step is for the city to inspect the building and make sure everything is up to code before issuing a Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)

An inspector will be out at the club this evening.

Once the certificate has been issued, the club will open for business, officials said.

Locals became worried when word spread that Club Nomadic in Sawyer Heights did not have all of the required permits and a C.O. needed just days before being expected to host a number of Super Bowl LI concerts.

The traveling nightclub, located at 2121 Edwards St., is expected to welcome thousands of people for a four-night concert series beginning Thursday evening.

Sam Hunt is set to take the stage on Thursday night followed by Bruno Mars on Friday and Taylor Swift on Saturday.

Club Nomadic officials said on Tuesday the process to obtaining the permit is routine for venues such as these.

"We are going through the normal process every temporary event goes through in terms of final permits," Jack Murphy, President of Nomadic Entertainment, said in a statement. "The various city agencies can't provide final sign off until they can review the built activation. Similar to what you might have if you were building a house, we have received punch lists from various departments. We are addressing the points on their lists and moving forward."

The City of Houston released the following statement Tuesday:

"The City of Houston is working 24/7 to make sure venues for Super Bowl 51, like Club Nomadic, are safe and ready for guests to enjoy. With this type of temporary arrangement, it is not at all out of the ordinary for work to still be underway at this time.

Electrical permits have been purchased, but ventilation and plumbing permits have not been purchased. A CO cannot be issued until all permits have been purchased, all inspections conducted and all work approved to ensure compliance with City building codes. As part of the occupancy inspection, City of Houston Inspectors will check all entries and exits to and from the building before it is allowed to be open and/or occupied.

Sprinklers are not required for this temporary building. In lieu of sprinklers, the building will be required to provide a stand-by fire watch from the Houston Fire Department during all events anytime the building is open and/or occupied."

A Club Nomadic spokesperson is confident paperwork for the permit will be completed ahead of the first concert on Thursday night.