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Deshaun Watson's accusers call out NFL over six-game suspension

The NFL has appealed Watson's punishment. One source said the league wants him suspended for one year.

Tony Buzbee, the lawyer representing the women accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct, is calling out the NFL over Watson's six-game suspension. 

Buzbee, joined by some of Watson's accusers, addressed the media Thursday, criticizing the NFL for not interviewing all of the accusers and only presenting some of them during the hearing. 

"It is a given, that the NFL's disciplinary process is a juggled mess," said Buzbee. "It has been so inconsistent in the past that it's hard to take it seriously. And worst yet, everyone knows the NFL's record on women's issues is sketchy and sad."

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Ashley Solis, the first of dozens of women to accuse Watson of sexual misconduct, said the whole situation, has been mentally and emotionally taxing and Watson's suspension speaks clear to how the league feels about women who are treated wrong by men. 

"What do the actions of the NFL say to little girls who have suffered at the hands of someone perceived to have power? That it's not a big deal? That they don't care? Tough s***? That's what I'm taking from their actions," Solis said.

It's important to know that Watson's NFL punishment was handed down by an independent arbitrator and didn't come from the league itself.

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The NFL is actually appealing the six-game suspension. In fact, the league wants him to be suspended for one year, a source told sports reporter Matt Musil. 

The NFL still holds the final say on Watson's punishment. The NFL Players Association is expected to appeal the NFL's ruling. 

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