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Check these parking hacks if you head downtown for Final Four events

There's plenty of fun waiting for you downtown during the Final Four, but parking can be pretty tricky.

HOUSTON — Parking will be at a premium next week when the Final Four is in town. 

We've got a great parking hack of how you can reserve a parking space NOW for all the events. 

Simply Google something like ‘downtown Houston reserved parking spot,’ and various websites come up. We just happened to click on the first one – ‘Spot Hero.’ 

Make sure you've got ‘Houston’ in the ‘find parking’ field and add in your dates and times. 

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Let's say you're going to be at Fan Fest all day. Hit ‘search’ and you can see all the downtown parking garages or lots available and the cost. Click on the one you like. 

We found one for $22 for 12.5 hours. Click again and you will see there is a service fee. In this case, it's $1.22, so your grand total is $23.22 to park your car for a full day. 

GETTING THERE There are plenty of transportation options for downtown and NRG Stadium

Now, what if there's a problem? There will be lots happening that day. 

Check the website for any guarantees on parking. In this case, the site provides a 24/7 phone number for problems and a refund if you can't park. Just to be triple sure, we reached out to the company directly and it said you can book now for downtown parking during the Final Four activities. Once booked, drivers are confirmed for the spot date and time reserved. 

So the bottom line is, no matter where you park or if you get dropped off by Uber or Lyft or you take the METRO, be prepared to walk. It's going to be a couple of blocks before you get there, so wear your comfortable shoes.

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