HOUSTON -- #EarnHistory has been one of the hottest hashtags on social media since the Astros began their World Series run.

It's being used by the Astros and their fans all over the world. #EarnHistory team gear is also in big demand.

University of Houston Sports Management Professor Dr. David Walsh explains the meaning behind the hashtag.

“It would be a very special place in history, obviously, for the first team in Houston, a big city, a lot of Astros fans,” said Walsh. “They’ve come close. They’ve had some really good teams, but there’s a difference between a good team and a World Series Champion.”

The Astros made it to the World Series in 2005 but were swept by the Chicago White Sox.

“It allows us to kind of come together, share in that unity that we all have a common interest and goal. We’re all rooting for the Astros to win it, because we get to be a champion for a day as well,” said Walsh.