The city showed up and showed out to celebrate the Astros during the World Series Championship Parade on Friday.

Thousands of fans filled the streets downtown to watch the parade and rally. Not only could you see the excitement in the massive crowd, but it was being captured all over social media via photos, shares, retweets and more.

Just in case you missed the parade, watch the entire thing HERE.

Check out some of the best moments captured on social media during the parade below! Oh, and there is no particular order.

1. Astros fans "making it rain" with fliers.

2. Fans taking a dip in the pool at City Hall to try and cool off.

3. Jumping for joy in the middle of the street, just because she can!

4. An adorbale dog driving an orange car to represent for the Astros.

5. The rare occoastion when you see large crowds of people walking outside in downtown Houston.

6. A rooftop view of the crowds as they lined the streets along the parade route.

7. The light rail packed to capacity.

8. KHOU 11 News standing with the Astros!

9. Craig Biggo and Jeff Bagwell spotted in the parade.

10. Fans climbing trees to catch the best view.

11. Confetti falling from everywhere.

12. Even an exotic car was spotted representing for the Astros.

13. Astros players beaming with joy as they wave to fans.

14. A sea of orange waiting at City Hall for the players to speak.

15. Houston rapper Paul Wall being spotted among the fans in the crowd.

16. A confetti snow angel? Why not.

17. We LOVE you more!

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