Outside the center field entrance of Minute Maid Park, many bricks sit with names.

One has that of Astros legend Jose Cruz. Another has the Cook family name on it.

"We don't have enough money that we were ever going to put our name on a stadium or building or anything like that, so we got a brick," Jay Cook said.

The Cooks then decided to get season tickets.

After the Astros finally won a World Series this year, Jay and his sister Amy came downtown to the park to write a message to their late mother which reads, "RIP Mom. We won!"

Jay Cook said he didn't tell anyone, but a passerby noticed this week, posted the picture on social media, and it's since taken off.

Their mom, Shirley, died nearly 17 years ago.

"She was the kindest, gentlest person, always put everybody else first," Jay Cook said. "She just enjoyed our spending time together more than the game itself that the four of us could gather for baseball. It was something she could really bond with us over in her last years."

Amy Cook said she thought her brother was a little crazy for doing it.

"I was really hoping we wouldn't get slapped with a fine or something," she said.

The family so far hasn't gotten a fine. The message has lasted since the last out, though.

"The fact that we won the World Series and we're here talking about it 17 years later -- it gives us all hope," Jay Cook said.