HOUSTON — How much would you pay for a front row seat to history? If you’re a die-hard Astros fan, you’ve probably heard how the team is looking to sell off of some stadium seats.

But you haven't heard these details, like how many seats are up for grabs and the "ballpark figure" of what a Houston Astros seat will cost you.

On a Friday, after a series with the Oakland A's, the roof is open, the lawn mowers are out, and KHOU 11 has the run of Minute Maid Park where close to 42,000 seats glisten under the September sun.

"Almost all the seats in the ballpark have been in here for a good 20 years now," said Mike Acosta, Authentication Manager for the Houston Astros.

He and one other employee are responsible for organizing the sale of 1,500 stadium seats.

"No. We're not going down in capacity at the ballpark," Acosta said.

The Houston Astros are just renovating, so all suite-level seats will be replaced. That's 800 stand-alone seats that pack an extra layer of cushion.

In the upper 300 and 400 levels, 700 seats positioned down the right field line, the area that wraps around the foul pole.

"The seats in the upper deck, they’re actually just coming out because we’re building some new structures, some new party areas and there’s not going to be a stadium seating area in that spot anymore," Acosta said.

Instead, it will be a party plaza area similar to the Torchy's Deck which was constructed after 300 seats were sold to fans in 2016.

Technically the landing spot of Yordan Alvarez's monster home run is within this section of seats. But no, the Astros are quite ready to part ways with that seat.

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During a live conversation on KHOU 11's Facebook page, Acosta confirmed in a matter of hours he'd received more than 3,000 emails to authentics@astros.com.

In that same Facebook post, he also told Astros fans with thousands of people trying to get in the digital line in order to buy the seats, they're no longer asking people to email their information.

"Pretty soon, people are going to know for sure if they’re going to be in there and have a secured spot," Acosta said.

The seats will be pulled up in the off season, and people who purchased the seats over the phone will need to pick up the seats at Minute Maid Park. You can bet you'll need to bring proof of purchase and a photo I.D.


The Astros are thinking somewhere in the ballpark of a couple hundred bucks per pair, but the final sticker price is still being worked out.

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"We’re going to authenticate everything. We’re going to put Major League holograms on all the seat backs, the seat bottoms, the signage," Acosta said.


Because the Astros are needing to clear out the area in the upper levels, they will be selling a lot of other stuff. From metal emblems to direction signs, section signs and furniture from the suites. The team hasn't quite figured out how that sale will happen, but when they do, you can bet KHOU 11 will update this story!