HOUSTON — The Houston Astros on Wednesday revealed their slogan for the 2019 season.

"Take It Back," in reference to taking back the World Series title, is the team's new campaign for the season.

The slogan is just one of several new features revealed for the 2019 season. Among them are new menu items, such as Frito pie chili dogs, gyros and banana pudding.

The Astros also announced their promotions and giveaways for 2019. Aug. 2 to 4 is designated Hall of Fame Weekend where fans will receive a replica Nolan Ryan jersey, replica Astros Hall of Fame plaque monument or a replica Astros Hall of Fame jacket statue. Giveaways during Mother's Day and Father's Day weekends include a replica Justin Verlander jersey and an Astros Hawaiian shirt, respectively.

Of course, it's not an Astros season without a bobblehead giveaway! The team plans to give out an Alex Bregman bobblehead and a "hugs for homers" bobblehead featuring Tony Kemp and Jose Altuve.

For more information on the Astros' new features this season, visit the Astros' website.