HOUSTON - The Astros have started sending out next season’s invoices for season ticket holders, and boy are they steep compared to years past.

"They have a phenomenal team this year," said Kayla Ramsey, manager at Midtown Premium Tickets, "and everybody just wants to get a glimpse of them play."

Ramsey and her team have been preparing customers to expect a bit of an increase in price for next season.

"It depends on who the team plays, Red Sox, Yankees, Rangers...all those are going to be a little bit more expensive," she said.

However, KHOU heard from concerned viewers who told us they’ve seen their season ticket prices jump nearly 50 percent for next season.

As a season ticket holder herself, Ramsey checked her invoice out and was more than a little surprised.

"Wow! $14,560? Unbelievable. I paid $59 a ticket last year, and this year, it’s $87 a ticket," she said.

That comes out to a 48-percent hike.

Online, people are shocked. "Wooooooooow @Astros," tweeted user @Uncle_Stranger, "just got our bill for 2019 season tickets...a FORTY SEVEN percent hike????? Nope.........."

Over the phone, an Astros spokesperson said the team is committed to providing the best experience in baseball, and affordable options are still available.

"Usually the 1 o’clock games would be the cheapest on Wednesday," Ramsey said.

However, for fans who loved this winning team when they were, well, losers, it kind of feels like they struck out.

"I don’t think I’m going to renew them," Ramsey said.

The price increases KHOU has seen range from 12 percent to 48 percent.

According to Ramsey, fans can still go to the box office and find tickets for about $25 during the week when the Astros aren’t playing a very competitive team.