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The history behind the Houston Astros' 'Tequila Sunrise' jerseys

It wasn't all sunshine when the jerseys were first revealed. Instead, it took a number of years before they became a fan favorite.

HOUSTON — Over the years, the history of the Houston Astros can be traced by a thread.

It started with the Colt .45 jerseys in 1962, followed by the shooting star in 1965, then in 1971, the orange shooting star.

Jack Amuny had a vision nearly 50 years ago.

"I just tell them I designed it," Amuny said. "They wanted something bright."

Amuny designed the "Tequila Sunrise" Astros jersey.

In 1975 they didn't have fancy computers.

"We did it with paper ... colored papers ... cut them out and made them in the shape of a uniform," Amuny said.

Fans remember the good times, but Amuny will never forget the bad when people were rippin' on his design.

"My contemporaries hated it because I broke tradition," Amuny said. "There were commercials."

The uniform is arguably the most radical redesign in major league history.

"I remember some lady called in the talk show talking about that Astros uniform and that he should've never made that Astros uniform because it makes them look fat," Amuny said.

And now, it couldn't be more different.

"Very popular," Jack Amuny's wife, Heather Amuny, said. "Everybody likes it."


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