A northwest Houston family is going all out for the Christmas season but not with the usual lights and decorations. For the Roseberry's, it's all Astros all the time.

"My whole family loves the Astros and to be champions this year is amazing," said Ana Roseberry.

Originally, Ana spent hundreds of dollars ordering ornaments and other Astros related things for the decorations. She realized though she could do them cheaper herself.

"So I went and bought cloth and started to print out pictures and laminated them," she said. "I cut them all off and started to make the ornaments."

They've got everything from ornaments to tree skirts to stockings.

Ana is no stranger to to holiday themes, doing Minnie Mouse-everything several years ago.

She started the decorations last Friday and worked on them when she was home sick from work. She had to stay up all night one evening to do the work.

"The kids wanted to help me but I didn't want to let them," Ana said. "I don't like help because I like to do things my own way. Everything that I did was because I love my kids and my husband and they are really happy about this championship team. It really has helped bring everybody together."

Kipenzi Roseberry is Ana's husband. They have three kids.

"It's something that has to be celebrated not only for Christmas or the holidays but for the rest of our lives--our kids lives," Roseberry said.