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Astros in ink: Fans show their love for the team with tattoos

Some show their loyalty with shirts and caps. Others do things a little more permanent.

HOUSTON — Astros fans are some of the best in baseball and they've had plenty to cheer about in the last five years.

"In the odd number years, the Astros go to the World Series and win," said Kim Mitchell, an Astros fan.

In 2017, Kim Mitchell got an Astros tattoo on her birthday before the World Series. We know who took home the title that year.

"In '19 we went to the World Series and lost," said Mitchell.

So, she had something up her sleeve for 2021. Mitchell added new Astro's artwork to her body.

"I did my part it's time for them to do theirs," said Mitchell.

She’s not the only Astros die-hard fan with tattoos top of mind.

"I've been wanting it for a while," said Andy Chavez, an Astros fan.

"Astros beat the Red Sox, go to the World Series, then you post on social media saying what?" asked KHOU11's Xavier Walton.

"If the Houston Astros win the world series, I'm going to get the logo tattooed on myself," said Chavez.

Andy would join hundreds of Astros fans by having the mark of a champion forever.

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