BRONX, N.Y. — Rain forced Astros fans to change travel and hotel reservations booked around Game 4 of the American League Championship Series versus the New York Yankees in the Bronx.

Major League Baseball postponed the game because of heavy rain. Now the Astros and Yankees will play Thursday and Friday in New York. Then, if necessary, they'll return to Houston for games 6 and 7 on Saturday and Sunday.

Some fans found themselves in a pickle: stay and spend extra money, or go home and miss the game or games they traveled to see.

“It’s all about the planning,” said Minh Voung, an Astros fan in New York for the ALCS. “I reserved flights for Thursday, Friday and Saturday going home.”

“Our Airbnb was only going to let us stay through Thursday night,” said Jimmy Moon, another Astros fan. “We were leaving Friday. So luckily, I booked a hotel, and I already had my Saturday flight, too. Problem is now I have to reschedule my Saturday (dental) patients at home. I’m supposed to go home and work.”

“I had tickets for (Wednesday night’s) game,” said Travis Huddleston, an Astros fan living in Brooklyn. “We’re excited, because we’re not going to have to sit through rain. Hopefully, we’ll have a better (starting pitcher) tomorrow in (Zack) Greinke. So we’re excited for the game.”


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