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Astros fan in iconic 2017 World Series photo ready for a Game 7 win

"That picture just doesn't represent us or our neighbors," said Jim Dean. "It represents everyone that was hit by Harvey and now Imelda."

PEARLAND, Texas — Jim Dean knows a thing or two about nerve-wracking World Series games. He'll never forget the last one he watched back in 2017. Neither will all of Houston. 

"It's a lot nicer to be on the edge of your seat on a couch, without looking at insulation, and you don't see wires everywhere over the house," said Dean. 

A photo snapped by Houston Chronicle photographer Steve Gonzales is the photo we we all remember. It captures Dean's empty living room and the emotion on his face as he watched the Astros. 

It spoke to the hearts of every Houstonian touched by Harvey. 

"That picture just doesn't represent us or our neighbors," said Dean. "It represents everyone that was hit by Harvey and now Imelda."

Dean watched the Astros lose game 6 in 2017 in his gutted house. His Astros were forced to play a game 7. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

"It's exciting," said Dean. "It's nail-biting. It's nerve-wracking. These guys are going to push us to our limit just like the Yankees. They're making us stress in a good way. It's what they're doing."

Now two years later, Harvey is a bad memory and we're staring at another game 7. The Astros are once again on the verge of giving Dean and all of Houston another reason to celebrate. 

"Watching Game 7 is like this is it, this is the last day," said Dean. 

Dean will be watching the game in the same place from two years ago, albeit a lot more comfortable. 

"We won't rough it this time," said Dean. "We'll be roughing it biting our fingernails the whole time."

He's nervous but believes in the Astros. 

"We're Houston," said Dean. "We deserve this credit. We've done it. And we're going to do it again tonight."

The team that lifted a city in 2017, he knows will step up to #TakeItBack in just a few hours. 

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