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Eggcellent! Astros fan creates amazing Astrodome chicken coop

The coop features retired Astros jerseys -- including Bagwell, Biggio and Ryan – along with chickens named Altuve, AJ HENch, Chicken Correa and more.
Credit: Darren Johnson
Astros fan Darren Johnson built an amazing chicken coop that is a 1:55 scale model of the Houston Astrodome.

HOUSTON — Darren Johnson is an avid Astros fan who found a fun way to get his baseball fix after the season ended.

He built a chicken coop that is a 1:55 scale model of the Houston Astrodome.

The coop features all retired Astros jerseys currently hanging in Minute Maid Park -- including Hall-of Famers Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and Nolan Ryan. There are also tributes to beloved Astros announcer Milo Hamilton, who died in 2015, and pitcher Darryl Kile, who passed away from a heart attack in 2002.

The lucky chickens are named Altuve, AJ HENch, Chicken Correa and Julia, for everyone’s favorite Astros reporter Julia Morales. There’s even a Yuli Gurriel look-alike hen.

Credit: Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson built a chicken coop shaped like the Astrodome and it features chickens named Yuli, Altuve, A.J. HENch and more.

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The dome-shaped roof has a tiny American flag and there are signs scattered around like “Keep calm and cluck on” and “Spoiled hens lay better eggs.”

And these girls are definitely spoiled. They’re pay is chicken feed but they don’t mind. When they’re not laying eggs they like cheep talk, chick flicks and gossiping like a bunch of, well, hens. When they move around the dome, it’s poultry in motion. (Okay, I’ll stop. Don’t want to ruffle any feathers with these bad puns)

Astros fans fell in love with the coop when Johnson shared it on the Houston Astros Nation Facebook page. It has over 2,000 likes.


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