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Alex and Reagan Bregman share photo of newborn baby boy

The Astros third baseman and his wife shared photos of Samuel Knox Bregman on their Instagram pages. The baby boy tried to make his entrance a little early in July.
Credit: Bregmans via Instagram
Welcome to the world, Knox Samuel Bregman, and congratulations to Alex and Reagan!

HOUSTON — Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman missed Monday night's game against the Red Sox but he had a really good excuse. His wife, Reagan Bregman, was in the hospital giving birth to their son. 

The couple posted a precious photo of Knox Samuel Bregman on their Instagram pages Tuesday. The baby boy is their first child.

Reagan has chronicled her pregnancy with Instagram photos and she said her third trimester turned into "one hell of a story." 

She broke her foot last month and was hospitalized for a few nights a couple of weeks ago after having contractions. Alex was on the road and Reagan admitted it was "a little scary."

"hi guys! another bump date this week.. I started having contractions every few minutes the other night so I had to spend a few nights in the hospital making sure I wasn’t going into labor. It was a little scary given my family & husband were all out of town (except my sis in law thank god 🙏🏼) I won’t go into full details on here but everything is getting better & I’m back home listening to the doctors and waiting it out," Reagan posted.

"It’s just another reminder that Instagram isn’t real life & we all have such unique journeys with stories that connect us & shape our experience as humans," she said. "I hope this post makes even one person feel like they aren’t alone if they experience something they weren’t expecting throughout pregnancy."

Thankfully, Baby Knox held off his grand entrance until this week and his parents will have plenty of good stories to share with him when he's older. 

Congratulations to the Bregmans!

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