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Here's why the Texans rarely open the roof at NRG

Record shows with the roof open, Texans have 25 wins compared to 21 losses.

HOUSTON — The roof of NRG is rarely open during a Texans game. 

Some believe the weather is always to blame, but there is a rumored reason behind keeping the roof closed.

On November 22, 2020, something historic happened at NRG stadium — the Texans opened the roof for a home game. Before that, it had been six years since crews had rolled back the top of NRG for the Texans.

The team claims keeping the roof closed helps with crowd noise, deafening their opponent into submission, allegedly.

But the record shows with the roof open, they have 25 wins compared to 21 losses. That includes that November 2020 game when the Texans beat the Patriots 27 to 20 as the sun shone down on some very happy Texans fans.

So will the roof be open for tonight's home game against the Carolina Panthers? Unfortunately, that will not be the case. The Texans say the roof will remain closed for tonight's game. 

Tonight would have been a perfect night to crack open that roof with temps likely in the 70s by kickoff, which is at 7:20 p.m. 

Rookie Davis Mills will start at quarterback for the Houston Texans with Tyrod Taylor out with a hamstring injury.