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'Whatever it takes' | Astros fans hoping to keep Carlos Correa in Houston

"Keep him and they'll be back for the next three or four years," said an Astros fan during Game 6 of the ALCS.

HOUSTON — From the air to the ground, there was a growing rally cry echoed throughout Houston Friday night. 

"I hope we can keep him," said Mike Hood, an Astros fan. "It's going to cost a lot to keep him here. I think he's the heart and soul of the team."

If anybody knows what Carlos Correa means to the Houston Astros it's Richard Nevins. He's a season ticketholder and keeps stats every time he comes to Minute Maid.

"Been doing it a long time and my friends give me grief, then they always ask for what's going on," said Richard Nevins, an Astros fan.

It's why he does it that might throw you for a curveball.

"Did it in honor of my dad," said Nevins. "When he passed away, I always do it to kind of honor him."

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Every Astros game since 2003. That's when his father passed away. And now he's passing on the tradition to his son.

"It's fun when you put that win," said Nevins.

And Richard knows with Correa that's more wins for the 'H.'

"Keep him and they'll be back for the next three or four years," said Nevins.

"Whatever it takes," said Hood. "Spend some money."

"Do you think this could be the last World Series run for Carlos Correas as a Houston Astro?" asked Xavier Walton KHOU 11 News.

"As a Houston Astro no, because he's not leaving, he's staying," said Kim Olsen, an Astros fan.

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