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NHL Power Rankings by division | Locked On NHL

Check out this week's NHL Power Rankings, ranking all eight teams in each division.

NEW YORK — Each week, the hosts of the Locked On NHL podcasts place their votes for the latest power rankings. 

Here are this week’s results with each team’s record (as of Jan. 25) and a note if they’ve risen or fallen compared to last week.


There was no movement up or down in the Atlantic this week, with each team occupying the same spot they did last week.

What’s worth noting, though, is the Buffalo Sabres and Florida Panthers planting themselves right in the thick of the wild card race. Buffalo, in fact, sits 8th in the East in point percentage heading into Thursday’s action.

1. Boston Bruins

Record: 38-5-4
Rank last week: 1

2. Toronto Maple Leafs

Record: 30-11-8
Rank last week: 2

3. Tampa Bay Lightning

Record: 30-15-1
Rank last week: 3

4. Buffalo Sabres

Record: 25-19-3
Rank last week: 4

5. Florida Panthers

Record: 23-31-6
Rank last week: 5

6. Detroit Red Wings

Record: 20-18-8
Rank last week: 6

7. Ottawa Senators

Record: 21-23-3
Rank last week: 7

8. Montreal Canadiens

Record: 20-25-3
Rank last week: 8


The Capitals got a big shootout victory over the Penguins on Thursday night, keeping them in fourth ahead of the Penguins.

The Islanders continue to tumble after going 1-6-3 over their past 10 games and really struggling to score in the process.

1. Carolina Hurricanes

Record: 30-9-8
Rank last week: 1

2. New Jersey Devils

Record: 31-13-4
Rank last week: 2

3. New York Rangers     

 Record: 26-14-8
Rank last week: 3

4. Washington Capitals

Record: 26-19-6
Rank last week: 4

5. Pittsburgh Penguins

Record: 24-15-9
Rank last week: 6

6. New York Islanders

Record: 23-22-5
Rank last week: 5

7. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 20-21-8
Rank last week: 7

8. Columbus Blue Jackets

Record: 15-30-3
Rank last week:8

Central Division

This is the division with the most movement this week, and there probably should have been more.

Dallas being first is well deserved. They have the best record and best goal differential not only in the Central Division, but the entire Western Conference. The Colorado Avalanche being stuck in fourth isn’t sitting right, though. They’re 7-3-0 over their past 1 games, have a better record and goal differential than the Minnesota Wild, and they just so happen to be the reigning Stanley Cup champions. Put some respect on it!

Every team from Minnesota down in this division is out of the playoff picture by the way.

1. Dallas Stars

Record: 28-13-9
Rank last week: 2

2. Winnipeg Jets

Record: 31-17-1
Rank last week: 1

3. Minnesota Wild

Record: 25-17-4
Rank last week: 3

4. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 26-17-3
Rank last week:4

5. Nashville Predators

Record: 23-18-6
Rank last week: 6

6. St. Louis Blues

Record: 23-22-3
Rank last week: 5    

7. Arizona Coyotes (15-28-5)     

Record: 15-28-5
Rank last week: 7 

8. Chicago Blackhawks (14-28-4)

Record: 14-28-4
Rank last week: 8


Always look at the point percentage, folks. Much like the situation in the Metro, Seattle probably deserves the top spot this week seeing as they’re level with Vegas in points, but in two fewer games played. 

The Edmonton / Calgary swap is well deserved as the Oilers are currently one of the hottest teams in the NHL after going 7-1-2 over their past 10. One of those overtime losses, though, came at the hands of the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets on home ice.

1. Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 29-17-3
Rank last week: 1

2. Seattle Kraken

Record: 28-14-5
Rank last week: 2

3. Los Angeles Kings   

Record: 27-17-6
Rank last week: 3

4. Edmonton Oilers

Record: 27-18-4
Rank last week: 5

5. Calgary Flames

Record: 23-16-9
Rank last week: 4

6. Vancouver Canucks (19-26-3) 

Record: 19-26-3
Rank last week: 6      

7. San Jose Sharks (14-25-10)

Record: 14-25-10
Rank last week: 7

8. Anaheim Ducks (14-29-5)

Record: 14-29-5
Rank last week: 8

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