There is a building off Alabama in Southwest Houston that has a special distinction.

It’s the only Chicago Cubs bar in Houston.

Just walk into T.K. Bitterman’s and it’s clear where owner Kent Marshall’s loyalties lie.

“30 years, my whole persona has been, wrapped around being a Cubs guy,” says Marshall.

While the walls are always adorned in Cubs memorabilia, there is one other area in this unique location has some character markings now too.

“Take a look at my ceilings,” Marshall said. “There’s champagne!”

As the final out was recorded by Anthony Rizzo and the Chicago Cubs in Cleveland, the crowd at T.K. Bitterman’s went crazy. The standing room only gathering popped champagne and danced the night away until 2 am.

His establishment looked like many others back in his hometown of Chicago. A 108 year exhale, felt better than expected.

“There have been generations of people waiting for just the recognition that this team could do this,” Marshall said.

The Cubs now enter the modern-era “Championship Club”. Unfortunately for fans here in Houston, the Astros now move up the title drought list. Houston now ranks third, having played 54 seasons without winning a World Series. The Texas Rangers are right in front of them while the Indians take over the top spot. 68 years now…and still counting.

A wait like the Cubs fans had to endure and the party to end it, is surely to get out of control.

Just check out some of the tweets the Chicagoland Scanner Twitter account sent out last night. Some indicated that fans had broken barriers around Wrigley and had made their way onto the field. Another tweet said multiple “subjects” had taken down electrical poles and were carrying them down the street with live wires.

But this one might be the best.

Taking a Taco Bell sign? A logical thing to do of course.

Back here at home, things were a lot calmer. Marshall finally able to look around and say “they did it”.

“This was very special, very special.”