HOUSTON - There are rumors that the Bayou City could be next on the list for an NHL team!

The Houston Aeros left in 2013 for Iowa and fans have been without a hockey team ever since.

But this week, many believe the roadblock was cleared up when Les Alexander announced he was selling the Rockets and all things Toyota Center.

“Leslie Alexander has kind of in the past been not as keen on bringing in a hockey team in the late stages of his ownership to the point where he tried to triple the rent of an AHL team that was in the building,” said Alex Del Barrio, reporter for Sports Radio 610.

Del Barrio and former Aeros GM Tom Lynn said Alexander felt every dollar not spent on the Rockets was a dollar misspent, believing the nights would be better off with concerts and other events versus hockey games.

“Houston has been in the mix in the past but it's always been right place wrong time for Houston,” Del Barrio said.

But right now might be the time.

According to Del Barrio, the NHL has 31 teams. Besides Seattle and Quebec City, Houston seems to be the most appealing to the NHL.

The former Aeros GM believes the NHL would fit perfectly in Houston.

“I think hockey is a sport, as you've seen in places like Nashville who had a phenomenal run in the playoffs and has a phenomenal fan atmosphere, that just because you're not in a traditional hockey market does not necessarily mean you can't succeed,” Del Barrio added.

When Houston was being looked at back in the late 1990s for an expansion team, that team eventually went to Nashville.

There’s also a rumor that the Arizona Coyotes are looking to come to Houston but that is just a rumor.