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Marlin High School postpones graduation after majority of senior class ineligible

Initially, only five of the 38 students were eligible to graduate after Marlin High School postponed graduation due to failed requirements.

MARLIN, Texas — On Thursday, May 25, graduating seniors at Marlin High School were supposed to walk across the stage, but the event has been put on hold until the next month as not enough students met all the requirements.

At a meeting on May 24, parents and students learned what needs to happen in order to graduate. As of the next morning, 25 out of the 38 seniors were eligible, up from just five students the weekend prior. The number seems to be increasing, but parents and students are still frustrated.

"About a week ago, I received a phone call where the principal was letting me know that my child would not be graduating," Victoria Banda, Marlin senior Salvador Guerrero's mom, said.

There are 38 students in the Marlin High senior class, but a week before graduation only five were eligible to graduate.

"We did notice that some students continued to have absences as well as failed courses," Dr. Darryl Henson, Marlin ISD Superintendent, said.

One student was missing a history test requirement.

"He did half of junior year online, but they failed to realize that he didn't test," Banda said. "Which, I found kind of strange because I thought end of class exam was the STAAR test and everyone took it together at the same time."

During class about a week before the ceremony was scheduled, the principal called senior Salvador Guerrero to tell him he would not be graduating.

"At the time, I felt singled out by mismanagement," Salvador Guerrero, senior at Marlin High School, said. "How do you do that? How do you let me miss out on such an important thing?"

According to Superintendent Henson, all students were given a course plan at the beginning of the year that, with the help of the counseling team, was supposed to help keep everyone on track.

"Now the ownership of things not completing on the plan does have to be both on the students and the campus," Henson said. "We have to make sure that throughout the year we work together to ensure every child is completing all requirements."

The district feels moving graduation to June gives students more time to complete those requirements.

"This summer moving forward we will provide all of the support necessary so they can walk across the stage later this month," Henson said.

Meeting have been held, voices have been heard and progress has already been made.

"Over the past three days, we have had students here on campus making up seat times, turning in assignments and doing all that they can to take responsibility to complete all graduation assignments."

Dr. Henson told 6 News that the school is going to meet with parents next week to give specific information on their child's graduation status, and if summer school is necessary to earn their diploma walk across the stage.

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