HOUSTON – Remember those Dos Equis commercials featuring the most interesting man in the world?

KHOU 11 News has found the most interesting man in baseball working at an obscure baseball field within a field outside Houston.

Minor league baseball manager J.D. Droddy has earned a law degree from Harvard; flew combat missions in Vietnam; has his Ph.D and is also a playwright.

Why would he waste his time in baseball?

"Because this is what I love," Droddy replied.

Can you believe Droddy's done all that stuff? What's that stuff done for Droddy?

"All the rest of that stuff was the way I earned my living before I got old like I am now," he said. "This is what I do for fun."

Fun, apparently, is mentoring wannabes at another tryout camp at Coastal Baseball Field for the Pecos League, one of the lowest levels of professional baseball. The Pecos League features a dozen clubs based in states like Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas.

Most players here at this tryout – known as the Pecos Spring League and playing for teams called the Sea Lions and Kingfish – have no idea about Droddy's previous lives.

In fact, he started coaching at 67-years-old – a host parent with no real baseball experience. Now at 73 years old, he may be the oldest manager in the pros, all of which makes him even more interesting.

"He's been great for us, ever since his days at Alamogordo," said Pecos League commissioner Andrew Dunn. "Alamogordo, New Mexico."

Actually, the planet Mars seems closer to the major leagues than this. But making the bigs has never been Droddy's goal. He receives great satisfaction from seeing his former players succeed at higher levels.

Soon though, Droddy, who grew up in Hull, Liberty County and now resides in Colorado Springs, will no longer be the most interesting man in baseball. At the end of the month, he's retiring.

But leaving baseball, doesn't mean J.D. Droddy will be any less interesting.