Well, America's favorite sport has managed to embarrass itself yet again. The NFL just can't seem to figure out how they want to handle the issue of domestic violence when it involves one of their star players.

And am I the only one who really thinks it shouldn't be that hard?

Kansas City's great running back Kareem Hunt is the latest to be in trouble. Now the Chiefs have released him, but he pushed and kicked a woman back in February and the Chiefs just didn't know. The NFL didn't know either.

If the TV show TMZ goes out of business, none of these guys will ever get caught. TMZ gets the video the NFL says they couldn't, while the league has to admit they didn't even talk to Kareem Hunt.

This comes on the heels of Washington signing 49ers Linebacker Reuben Foster. And Washington's Vice President Doug Williams says what Foster did is small potatoes compared to what some others do.

The only good thing that comes out of that is Washington's team name is no longer the most offensive thing about that team.