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'Nurses have always been heroes': WFAA's Cynthia Izaguirre pays tribute during National Nurses Week

Nurses, we see you. We appreciate you. We couldn't do this without you!

When I came into this world, it was a nurse who was by my mother's side keeping her safe and comfortable.

Later in my 20's when I was terrified before a surgery, it was a nurse who calmed me and later whispered in my ear that I was OK, as I came out of anesthesia. She also encouraged me to make lifestyle changes that greatly improved my health.

In 2012, when I gave birth to my twins, I had incredible doctors at Baylor Grapevine who brought my children into this world, but it was the nurses who cared for them. They did everything I couldn't in the beginning. Fed them, changed them and kept them alive. They made sure I didn't break them!

Nurses have always been heroes.

They do the dirty work, all while holding our hands and mopping our brow. They are there for the scary times, the painful ones and if they're lucky, the joyful ones.

They are also our advocates. They sometimes have to battle us, our habits and even our families to do what's best for their patient.

They work long hours, often in the shadows, taking care of whatever needs to be done.

It's always at our worst and most vulnerable moments that we're reminded what a treasure they are.

This National Nurses Week let's honor them by doing our part to stay safe, so they can stay safe.

Nurses, we see you. We appreciate you. We couldn't do this without you!

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