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Bishop the Bowler takes over at Del Mar Lanes in Houston

The 5-year-old is a sensation when it comes to knocking down the pins. He's even competed with bowlers twice his age.

HOUSTON — At Del Mar Lanes, bowling balls have done some damage over the years.

This week, there was one bowler that stood out, not just because of his skills, but because he’s likely younger than the pins he’s aiming for.

“People will come up to us and say, ‘You know, this is not normal right? A 5-year-old is not supposed to be doing this,’” Erika Peters said.

Bishop Peters isn’t lacking energy and he’s overflowing with personality especially when he plays his favorite sport.

“Anytime we go to any bowling alley, we just have so many people that come up to us and are fascinated with him,” Peters said.

Bishop's mother and father have watched their son love the sport since he was 2.

“He got a plastic set from my aunt, that was a gift, and he just kind of became a little overly obsessed with the toy,” Peters said. “I mean, we frankly got tired of setting it up all the time, pin after pin, so we’re like let’s take him to the bowling alley.”

Bumpers were gone by the age of 3. Bishop throws it left-handed, makes the ball curl, plays in tournaments with kids sometimes twice his age and he has an Instagram following that includes some major businesses within the bowling world.

His high score is 173 and the goal is to get past 200, for now. Numbers are sure to come up with Bishop’s smile and love of life there with them.

“I hope that if he sticks with it, which I assume he will, he could really do whatever he wants with it,” Peters said.

**Special thanks to Del Mar Lanes for allowing our crews to shoot inside the facility. The bowling alley is hosting a COVID-19 drive coming up on July 12 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.**