Step into Monster Gym in Kingwood, but be careful: it’s not really for the faint of heart.

It’s weightlifting like you’ve never seen before with the voice of encouragement belonging to Hall of Famer Tiny Meeker.

“I enjoy it, I love it,” Meeker said. “I wanted to do something no one has ever done and I did it.”

More on that in a second.

First, there’s a simple reason this Humble man has devoted his life to a sport he can’t get enough of.

“It didn’t matter what I looked like, how tall I was, whatever, It’s what you made it to be,” Meeker said.

For Tiny, the accomplishments are anything but. He owns the world record in the bench press, lifting 1,102 pounds.

A feat so large that a call from The York Weightlifting Hall of Fame came at a much unexpected time.

“Normally, you have to be dead or retired to be in,” Meeker said. “But they told me I was getting in for my 1,100-pound bench. I was blown away and then the day they put your picture up, man that was freaking awesome.”

And if you’re wondering if these crazy lift numbers still blow him away, all he can do is laugh and smile.

“You know it’s funny, when I was first approaching the 1,000 my mom was getting all worried and I told my mom at least it’s not 1,100,” Meeker said. “I’m about to bust 1,200. I am amazed. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would bench 1,100 pounds I’d tell you that you’re out of your mind.”

When he’s not competing, Tiny’s days are spent training athletes from across Houston at his gym. It’s hard to believe but for a man who has accomplished so much in his career, he still doesn’t have any major endorsements or sponsors.

That fact alone is challenging when it comes to getting better in his craft and reaching new clients.

But even with some of his struggles away from the gym, Tiny has found a niche teaching people what has made him so successful.

“It’s all about form and technique,” Meeker said.

Just ask Michael Saldivar, a young man who has dealt with spina bifida for most of his life. Tiny has taught him not just confidence, but that limitations don’t define who you are.

“He’s always taught me never give up, no matter what,” Saldivar said. “Just keep going, keep pushing. No matter what, just keep going.”

“It means a lot,” Meeker said. “The fact that I’m a role model, means a lot to me.”

Tiny will keep grinding. His next record not yet know, but his positive attitude? Always the same.

“Funny part is, I’m not done,” Meeker said.

Meeker will be hosting “The Tiny Meeker Classic” on February 25th at Tour 18 in Humble. Both male and female lifters are encouraged to enter.

For more information, go to The entry form can be found here. If you enter, you have the chance at winning this!