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WWII tank moved out of River Oaks neighborhood

HOUSTON - It was ticketed by police for parking violations, it fueled tension among neighbors, and just weeks after it was parked at the corner of Del Monte and River Oaks Boulevard, a tank used during World War II was moved to a ranch in east Texas.

"When you drive down River Oaks Boulevard and you see a tank, you tend to want to pull over and see why it’s there," said Marc Adler.

He was one of the last residents of River Oaks to photograph the M4 Sherman tank before it was towed to Atlanta, TX.

"It smells of diesel fumes and it’s loud and incredible," said Adler of the tank that was built in the 1940's.

"It's a little bit unusual. It’s been fun seeing it and seeing people come take a look at it," said neighbor Bobbie Wilson.

She watched as crews moved planks of wood ahead of the tank. The wood served as a barrier between the street and the tank's continuous track.

Last month, the River Oaks Homeowner's Association sent the tank's owner, attorney Tony Buzbee, a letter requesting he move the tank off the street.

Buzbee says Houston Police have repeatedly ticketed him for parking violations.

The controversy primped Buzbee to write a message to the public explaining the history of the tank.

It landed in Normandy, a few days after D-Day during World War II and then helped liberate Paris before moving on to Berlin.

Buzbee also explained that the tank could, by law, be parked on the street. He said the tank was going to be moved to his east Texas ranch near Texarkana ahead of hunting season.

Neighbor Maura Yates described her neighbor as this, "clearly a passionate owner and a little irritated with the local politics."

Buzbee's friend, Lisandro Roman, spent two months researching how to drive the tank. Roman is a military veteran and a tank-driving rookie. He and Buzbee both served in the US military.

While some neighbors were thrilled to see the tank moved out of River Oaks, Wilson said this: "Kind of sad in a way, but it was creating some traffic issues. But it was fun to see all the people come and taking photos of it. We’ll miss it."

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