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San Antonio filmmaker on the front lines in Ukraine's most devastated communities

Alejandro DeHoyos is in Ukraine using his creative gifts to document the war and keep morale strong on the front lines.

SAN ANTONIO — President Zelensky's passionate address to Congress this week reminded the world of Ukraine's resilience after 300 days of Russian attacks. A San Antonio filmmaker is in the war-torn country using his creative gifts to keep morale strong on the front lines.

"I found myself putting the camera down so many times to help refugees cross the border or to take supplies, whole car full of supplies, truck full of supplies," Alejandro DeHoyos said. "Me, driving in Ukraine...never would have imagined."

DeHoyos is an award-winning filmmaker, a videographer for the San Antonio Spurs, and a missionary who shares the spirit and courage of the Ukraine people.

 "We have a higher power protecting us so...I've been to places where we could hear the bombs just at a distance going off, and seeing Russians walking down the streets and shooting anybody who walks outside," DeHoyos recounted. "It's been very tough but at the same time, it's been very fulfilling to just be there, with just going further and further to reach unreached people."

With footage captured mostly on his smartphone, he produced a feature-length documentary called "Passport Preachers." The film raises support and spirits in towns like Lviv, Kyiv and Dnipro. 

After months without electricity, DeHoyos and his team managed to set up a power bank to offer Ukranian families a glimmer of hope as they watched their inspiring story play out in churches and shelters to the anthem of an international applause. People from all over the world shared warm sentiments while rooting for a victorious resistance. 

"My gift of filmmaking can be used to shine a light in the darkness and be used as beacon of hope to gain support," DeHoyos said. "We can do more, we can make a difference around the world together."

To learn more about DeHoyos and his project in Ukraine, click here to visit his YouTube page. DeHoyos plans to announce his stateside premiere of Passport Preachers: Ukraine when he returns from his mission early 2023. To support his efforts and to see the full documentary trailer, click here.


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