MILWAUKEE, Wis. – What in the world is going on in the Milwaukee sky?

A tower camera for TV station FOX6 captured a strange scene in the early morning hours Feb. 27. The video—which has been viewed over 245,000 times—shows dozens strands of bright light streaking across the sky.

“Are those fireworks? Aliens? I don’t know,” said one of FOX6’s anchors.

Some people commented the streaks were spirits or drones or chemtrails.

Turns out it was a flock of seagulls flying over the Milwaukee County Courthouse, according to FOX6 reporter Amy Dupont.

“We’re sitting in our truck here outside the Milwaukee County Courthouse when we heard them,” DuPont said in a Facebook video.

Some people were still skeptical.

“If those are seagulls they have been swimming in some nuclear waste,” Anthony Trella commented on the post.

Patrick Nellen chimed in on the post to help cut through the confusion.

“Not a scientist, but I’ll take a crack at it,” Nellen wrote. “Short answer, the seagulls are reflecting light. In the early morning hours, your (sic) have to open the aperture of the camera to allow more light to be captured. What you’re seeing is a long exposure shot of the seagulls so they look like they’re ‘streaking.’”