The listing for a lovely mansion in Richmond has already been seen millions of times even though it just went up nine days ago. It's what's inside the house at 4302 Colony West Dr. that is getting all of the attention.

Every room is filled with quirky works of art, including lifelike mannequins. Some are even hanging from the ceiling.

Realtor Diana Power says her phone doesn't stop ringing.

"I've been here a long time and never seen anything like this," said Power.

Photos: Inside Richmond's Mannequin Mansion

The woman selling the home's name is Sandy who admits she was a little sad to leave the 7,400 square foot house.

"There's a lot of memories here," she told us.

Sandy has lived there for 17 years, but now she's moving and putting the house up for sale.

"I feel so bad for my agent who's been bombarded," said Sandy.

"The deals are now coming thru and they're asking if I'll leave a mannequin for them," said Sandy.

Strangers are fascinated by all the mannequins and curious to know the artist behind them.

"The first time I packed a room I started crying," said Sandy. "It's my home. I've made it an extension of myself and I feel like I'm tearing down an extension of myself."

Sandy's been an artist her whole life and her home is filled with almost everything she's ever created.

"It has art touches everywhere," said Sandy.

The creative creations have thrust Sandy into the spotlight and made her home -- and the art inside it -- one of the most talked about listings this year. All the attention comes with critics though, but Sandy says bring it on.

"I'm just trying to sell my house," she said. "No I'm not a hoarder. I could go down the list of thing people are accusing me of. Yes I own a weird business, but artists are weird, and if you find a normal artist you're probably not a good one."

The home is selling for $1,275,000. For more information click here: