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'Beautiful and terrifying': Fan sends J.J. Watt real stuffed badger

Watt, who played college ball for the Wisconsin Badgers, said he's "received a lot of wild fan mail over the years."

TEMPE, Ariz. — What do you give a guy who has everything to celebrate his retirement? 

A fan of Arizona Cardinals -- and former Houston Texans -- defensive end J.J. Watt decided a stuffed badger would be the perfect gift. 

Watt, who recently announced his retirement from the NFL, played college ball for the Wisconsin Badgers so he got a kick out of the nod to his alma mater.

"I have received a lot of wild fan mail over the years. This package that arrived today is certainly being added to the list," Watt tweeted.

He didn't say whether he would keep the badger, but Watt, 33, does own a secluded log cabin in Wisconsin that would be the perfect home for it. 

The post had been seen over 7 million times at last check and some of the comments are pretty entertaining.

Former NFL and Michigan Wolverines kicker Jay Feely was among them.

Former Badgers' teammate Bradie Ewing also chimed in. 

"Ha - that's great! Looks just like the badger that used to be in the old training room."

"I'm good return to sender," MMA fighter Derek Brunson replied.

A few commenters suggested he name the badger Bucky, which is Wisconsin's mascot. 

Houston Rewind: Looking back at J.J. Watt's impact on and off the field

J.J. Watt retires, becomes a dad

It's definitely been an eventful few months for Watt, arguably the most popular Houston Texan ever and one of the most beloved Houston athletes of all time. 

Along with announcing his retirement, he and wife Kealia welcomed son Koa James in October. 

 A few weeks earlier, Watt confirmed he had to have his heart shocked back into rhythm after going into atrial fibrillation. He was back on the field the same week.

“Love and happiness have reached heights we never even knew existed,” Watt tweeted.

Watt will play in his final NFL game Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers host the Cardinals. 

He has said in the past that he would like to return to Wisconsin when he leave the NFL. 

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