Croatia beat England in the World Cup semi-finals on Wednesday, crushing England fans' dreams of "bringing football home" to the U.K. Some fans, however were so sure that England would win the 2018 World Cup that they got tattoos to commemorate the win — before the team ultimately lost.

One fan named Teddy Allen was so confident in his country's World Cup domination that he got an extreme tattoo to celebrate the win. Not only did his tattoo declare the team "World Cup winners 2018," it accompanied the face of Harry Kane, the team captain. Yes, Allen got the player's entire face tattooed on his thigh, with the words "Sir Harry" emblazoned above it.

The father of two got the tattoo after England's win over Sweden last Saturday, and spent four hours in the chair for it, the BBC reports."It was an impulsive decision but I will stand by it," Allen said.

"If England don't win, I suggested he have 'void' put over the 'winners' part, but Teddy said he'd have it over Kane's face," Bradley Fleming, Allen's friend and a tattoo artist, told the BBC before Wednesday's loss.

Though Allen's tattoo proved overly optimistic, the team did seem to have a good shot at victory. England won three of its past five games against Croatia, The Sun reports. And Allen was not the only enthusiastic England fan betting a tattoo that his team would win.