GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas- A man in Galveston County is on a mission to find the families of three women whose ashes washed up onto his property.

Joe Morgan made the discovery last week outside his home on Harbor Circle on Tiki Island.

The three boxes have three different names on them. Each had the message, "Rest in Peace," along with the names Felicia Davis, Iveria Caldwell and Heilana Victoria Hernandez.

Tiki Island Police told KHOU 11 News they looked up those names and they're all deceased out of Houston.

No one knows when or who put them in the water, but Joe seems determined to find out.

Morgan bought his place on Tiki Island in 1975.

"I've seen a lot of stuff float up here in the years," Morgan said Tuesday. "I've seen dead dolphins, sharks, all kinds of fish, basketballs."

But nothing like what floated up last Friday.

"They came up on the dock and I looked at them," he said. "I didn't want to throw them away,"

Morgan believes they washed up during a big tidal surge.

"It was eerie and I thought these are human remains," he said. "These are three different people."

Now he's trying to find the people who threw them into the waters, wherever that might have been.

"Maybe we can find the owners and they can dispose of them properly," Morgan added. "I got on my knees and said a little prayers. I said, 'Release these souls' because I don't want them haunting my dock."

Tiki Island Police told KHOU 11 News this has happened in the past, although it is a rare occurrence.