Buckeye residents have been seeing some high water bills lately, but this one definitely takes the cake.

One Buckeye home, in which no one is even living in, received an almost half-a-million dollar water bill.

According to the bill, the home went through 26 million gallons of water in one billing cycle. That's enough to fill 40 Olympic size swimming pools.

That bill belongs to Jerry Bryant, a Payson resident, who owns a house in Buckeye.

"He's only here one, two weekends a month. Usually, nobody lives here," said Dan Bryant, Jerry's son.

What was typically a $65 water bill, started to climb dramatically last spring, going form $200, to $600, to $3,200.

The city waived the last big bill, but then Bryant was opened up this bill, totaling nearly $440,000.

Bryant has been so conscious in conserving water, that nine trees on his property have died.

"You can see they all died. I mean, we had big trees right here, two big trees here. All in the backyard was just rows of big trees and we pulled them out one by one. They're not getting water. He's scared. He's still scared to death to turn the water on," said his son.

A spokesperson for the City of Buckeye said they were addressing the bill.