HOUSTON — Ecologists estimate over one billion animals in Australia have been killed by wildfires since they started spreading in September.

Maggie Escriva forwarded the KHOU Verify Team an article that says 10,000 camels will be shot and killed because they drink too much water.

She asked, “Can you verify?”

Unfortunately, it’s true.

Aboriginal officials in a remote part of South Australia announced the feral animal kill on Monday.

The APY Lands posted a statement online explaining large groups of wild camels are searching for water. In their attempt, they’re endangering locals in the area who are struggling to get enough water for themselves in this massive drought.

Officials say camel control is needed.

An "aerial cull" of the camels started Wednesday and will last about five days.

Therefore, KHOU 11 News can verify claims that 10,000 camels could be killed in Australia are true.

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