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VERIFY: Could unpaid Humble red light camera tickets affect future car registrations?

“If I receive a red light ticket in the city limits of Humble, is it enforceable?”

HOUSTON — It’s a problem that comes up whenever someone visits Humble for the first time or gets caught by one of the city’s red light cameras: Will you get in trouble for ignoring that ticket now that the state has outlawed the red-light cameras?

Humble is just one of a handful of cities in the state of Texas that still operate red-light cameras, even though Governor Greg Abbott banned them in June.

However, cities like Humble that are under contract have to honor their deals and keep the cameras up until 2024.

KHOU 11 viewer Neva Dugan wants to know, “If I receive a red light ticket in the city limits of Humble, is it enforceable?”

To verify, we went to the Humble Police Department who explained to us back in August what to do if you get a red light camera ticket.

They tell us anyone who receives one and doesn’t pay cannot go to jail.

Under House Bill 1631, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles nor the county assessor-collector can refuse to register have unpaid red light camera tickets.

“We have no repercussions with the state of Texas no longer holding registrations for these red light cameras," said Humble Police Sgt. Jack Burt.

We can verify paying the fine for a red light ticket is essentially voluntary and you will not have a problem registering your vehicle if you don’t.

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