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VERIFY: The Kroger $100 coupon is fake

Scammers are also texting people claiming they've won Walmart gift cards.

HOUSTON — ‘Tis the season for shopping.

This week it’s the grocery store for turkeys. After that, it’s Christmas gifts.

We can tell it is on people’s minds because KHOU has gotten several verify requests involving shopping.

First, Angie Ayala shared a Facebook post that claims Kroger is offering a $100 coupon to customers.

However, after looking at the coupon, a spokesperson for Kroger verified it is fake.

The second question came from Glenda Holdman.

“I’m getting texts from 714-925-0855 and 818-440-4664 stating that I won Walmart gift card and other prizes and grocery. Can you verify this?” she asked.

This is a scam too, according to Walmart’s website.

Walmart says it doesn’t notify winners of any contest via text message. The company wants customers to remember you can’t win a contest you didn’t enter.

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