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VERIFY: Summer school zones, FEMA help and other viewer questions

Viewers submitted questions to our Verify team about school zones in the summer, help from FEMA after Hurricane Harvey and using Eco Style Gel.

HOUSTON - Ever wondered if you had to follow those school zone speed limits in the summer?

KHOU received a Verify request from a viewer asking that question.

We checked with HISD, who said even in the summer, if the yellow lights are flashing drivers need to slow down. The reasons: Summer school is in session and schools often provide meals to kids who go to campus to pick them up.

We can verify it’s true. Drivers must obey those yellow flashing lights all year round.

KHOU was also asked to verify a question that pertains to FEMA, “Since Hurricane Harvey, FEMA can deny you help if you do not carry flood insurance. Is this true?”

According to FEMA.gov, this is false. FEMA’s criteria haven’t changed post Hurricane Harvey.

Finally, Karen Love asked KHOU to verify a social media rumor: “I read a post of Facebook stating that Eco Style Gel causes cancer. It’s a gel that a lot of African American women use on their hair. Please verify!”

For this question, we went to Dr. Amitava DasGupta, a toxicologist with McGovern Medical School, UT Health.

"Most of the gels use natural products, olive oil, aloe Vera,” DasGupta said. “Some might contain trichloroethylene but it’s a very, very small concentration. Much lower than the threshold needed for that compound to act as a toxin. There is no link between use of Eco Gel and cancer."