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VERIFY: Starbucks cash for car advertising offer, ALDI daily Facebook giveaways are not real

Starbucks and ALDI say they are not behind the promotions offering easy money to customers.

The VERIFY team is looking into a couple of claims that appear too good to be true. One of them is an email saying Starbucks will pay you to roll around town with your car wrapped in coffee ads.

The message looks like a Starbucks promotional campaign. The offer says you will “get paid $500 a week plus $30 extra for gas to have your car wrapped with Starbucks advertising.” 

The details state, a check of $1,930 will be sent to cover the decal expenses and first week payment. It directs the recipient to deposit the check. Then, once the payment is clear, withdraw $530 for wages and fuel. The balance will be sent to the car advertising installer.

Catherine asked us to Verify “Is this legit or fake?”

Our source for this is Starbucks.

The company confirms, “This is not a valid Starbucks offer.”

So, we can Verify, the email is fake.

A Facebook post claiming ALDI grocery stores is giving out $750 to the first 50 people to comment ‘ALDI’ has gone viral. The creator claims the deal “is 100% real” and includes a photo of what appears to be employees smiling in the aisles.

Susan asked us to Verify if it is real.

It turns out there are no winners.

A spokesperson responded on ALDI’s behalf saying, “We can confirm the Facebook post is not authentic and did not come from the official ALDI U.S. account.”

So, we can Verify, that offer is also fake.

Many social media posts with retail offers and sweepstakes are not real. As always, the companies named in the posts encourage customers to visit their websites for legitimate offers.

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