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VERIFY: Addressing rumors surrounding the deadly Uvalde school shooting

The VERIFY team is fact-checking rumors circulating online to separate fact from fiction.

UVALDE, Texas — There are a lot of rumors going around about the gunman and what happened at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday.

The VERIFY team is fact-checking what is circulating online to make sure you know what's been confirmed as more details emerge about the terrible tragedy.

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Claim: All the children and teachers who died were inside a single classroom.

True. Lt. Chris Olivarez with the Texas Department of Public Safety said the suspect barricaded himself into two connecting classrooms.

Claim: There are surveillance cameras inside the school.

True. According to the Garnet Valley School District website, all of its schools are equipped with security cameras. Authorities said during a news conference on Wednesday afternoon that investigators are in the process of going through the video footage.

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Claim: The Uvalde Police Department was pursuing the suspect before the crash.

False. Authorities told state senators in a briefing on Tuesday night that the first time the Uvalde Police Department got any information was from a caller reporting there was a crash and a man with a gun was getting out of the truck.

Claim: The shooter has a criminal history.

Unknown. While authorities have confirmed that he had no adult criminal history, they also said they are checking to see if he has a juvenile record.

Claim: The shooter was a high school dropout.

True. According to Olivarez, Salvador Ramos had dropped out of high school.

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