HOUSTON — The next time you head to the supermarket or order a salad at a restaurant, is there a risk of getting sick from the lettuce you eat?

We hear about E. coli outbreaks often, but is there one happening right now and we don’t even know about it?

KHOU 11 viewer Kim Hanson Piggott left a comment on our Facebook page, saying, “Is romaine lettuce safe to eat now? Someone in my Facebook feed heard there are cases of E. coli linked with it right now.”

To verify, we reached out to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Last month, the FDA shared they were investigating an E. coli outbreak likely associated with romaine lettuce.

This outbreak is linked to 23 illnesses from July 12 to Sept. 8. The illnesses were reported in 12 states across the country. There were no cases found in Texas, and there was no recall.

After investigating, the FDA did not find a common source or point of contamination. They said since the outbreak strain was detected, there have been no new cases.

We can verify romaine lettuce is safe to eat.

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